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You are here to experience Prosperity, Love, Enjoyment, Meaning and Peace.

This requires optimal Physical, Emotional, Perceptual, Energetic and Mental Health.

Your Journey towards Complete Wellness begins with a Single Breath.

~ Benefits ~

Dr. Eduardo – Doctor of Geriatric Medicine

Sajitha – Software Engineer

Satoshi – Strategy & Business Developer

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~ The Nalanda Tradition ~

Image result for nalandaEstablished in the 5th Century of North India and thriving for 800 continuous years, Nalanda is the oldest known university in the world. It housed 2,000 teachers and 10,000 students, not to mention a steady flow of hermit, yogis and international scholars from as far as China, Korea, Japan, Tibet, Mongolia, Turkey, Sri Lanka and South East Asia. Historical records, now backed by recent discoveries describe the incredible architecture and ambience of Nalanda, such as nine story libraries filled with knowledge, giant courtyards and beautiful lotus ponds.

Unlike modern universities, there was no economic motivation behind Nalanda and the administrative positions were held by unmarried monks. India was the wealthiest nation in the world and the kings supported Nalanda because it created brilliant and peaceful minds who further improved India’s greatness. While the most esteemed teachings at Nalanda were the Great Vehicle Yoga teachings, Nalanda hosted the greatest teachers of Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics, Law, Poetry, Grammer, History, Medicine, Dance and Fine Arts.

The openness and transparency of Nalanda was the real secret to its greatness. People of all races, cultures, beliefs and disciplines were involved in dialogue and public debate. The purpose of Nalanda was clear to everyone – to discover ways to elevate the quality of life for the
individual, the community and the world.

Before it was destroyed around 12th century by invaders, a large percent of the time-tested knowledge on the nature of mind, emotions, breath, logic, and the causes of suffering and happiness were brought safely across the Himalayan Mountains into the Tibetan Plateau. Here, the wisdom and methods of Nalanda fermented and expanded even further into the minds and hearts of the Tibetan People.

I started studying the wisdom of Nalanda in 1997 through Chinese and Japanese Buddhism. I later studied Indian Medicine and Vedic Philosophy. Upon meeting my root teachers who taught me word for word the exact teachings of Nalada, which thousands of students have memorized and debated for the last 2,500 years before me. Beyond just the written teachings, my kind and skillful teachers – some monks, some hermits, some shamans gave me the unwritten oral transmission of Vajra Yoga. I owe so much of my health, happiness, inspiration and power to Nalanda and the unbroken Lineage that uphold its teachings and values.

I condensed the key points of the Nalanda teachings into Six Layers and arranged it a way that in two months you can experience the transformative wisdom of Nalanda in the convenience of your own home. Like water being poured into water, or a candle lighting another candle, a lineage is alive only through the dynamic relationship of the Mentor and the Student.

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