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The Journey of Your Lifetime…

~ Benefits ~

Dr. Eduardo – Doctor of Geriatric Medicine

Sajitha – Software Engineer

Satoshi – Strategy & Business Developer

Jason Demchok

Chef, Herbalist, Health and Yoga Mentor

I used to have crippling panic attacks, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines and a pessimistic outlook. My energy was low and I felt there was no reason for living. Then I discovered the holistic approach involving nutrition, herbalism, yoga, contemplation and meditation. Thanks to my wise and generous mentors, I was able to gradually break old destructive habits and create positive ones. Within months, I felt like a new person, with a new body and renewed faith in Life’s wonderful opportunities.

The real win for me was discovering the amazing intelligence and ability of our Bodies and Minds to heal and renew themselves, despite many years of mistreatment. There is nothing special about me. Every change I made in my lifestyle is possible for everyone if they just make the effort to create the habits. It gives me so much happiness and excitement to keep learning more, and sharing more with others like you, about the true miracle called Life.

DISCLAIMER: I do not diagnose or prescribe anything. I teach the exact methods that have benefited me, and my understanding of how they work.
I encourage people to do their own research and consult their physician before making any lifestyle changes.
The main factors I consider for adopting a healthy practice are: 1. Is there a long historical record of safe use of this practice?
2. Is this practice widely accepted by the most up to date scientific literature and by my personal mentors? 3. Most importantly, what is my own direct experience of as the practice?