Uncover new confidence and support to integrate yoga as a way of living and leading

What is Aligned Yoga?
Our common thread is the journey to alignment.

We all seek change and transformation, where balance is the answer. It is through alignment in the mind and body, that we can then achieve balance in life.

Aligned Yoga is an online educational platform offering Vinyasa-based training to awaken awareness and build the knowledge to transform. 

Discover the best content from over ten years of training expertise, condensed into a streamlined curriculum. Connect with a global community of yogis to learn, grow, and create new opportunities.


Receive a world-class Vinyasa-based education.

Learn a foundational way of assessing, thinking, and customizing your practice, your teaching, and your brand.

Build the confidence to command your strengths, embrace your gaps, and live what yoga is to you.

Connect with a global community of teachers and fellow trainees, and build new opportunities together.

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