200hr yoga alliance certified training

Become a  yoga teacher

July 14th to 25th, 2024
Amatara, Phuket
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Our world-renowned 200hr In-Person Training is back

And better than ever! Join us for this foundational training designed to support you as you take your next steps in yoga. This immersive experience will bring your online training to life.

Participate in a collaborative environment, open to all practice and certification levels, where everyone has something to teach and learn. Through daily practices and workshops, you will put your yoga tools into action. Get feedback, adjustments and support for your practice and teaching from Bri and Team Aligned. Connect and network with a global yoga community. Get Aligned with us in Phuket, Thailand.

Why It’s Better  Than Ever

NO. 1

At Aligned Yoga, it’s our goal to revolutionize how yoga is taught. After a decade hosting over 50 in-person teacher trainings (and loving it), we wanted to move beyond the ‘traditional’ format. We always felt that there had to be a more effective way to help our trainees grasp the foundations of our methodology before coming together in-person. 

Bringing the Aligned Yoga school online was the missing link. So now, under one tuition, you get access to two trainings. Receive access to our online training and secure a spot in our in-person experience in Thailand. 

Uniting these two modalities offers you a well-rounded learning experience, before and after we meet in person. Expect to train 100 hours in-person with us in Thailand and the remaining hours online, with our continued guidance and support from anywhere in the world. 

NO. 2

Our online training gives you the ability to learn at your own pace and to the tune of your life. Train on your own timeline with our effective structure and easy-to-follow curriculum through our online platform. Revisit your training as many times as you like during your one-year access (even if you've already graduated). Get personalized guidance and support from Bri and Team Aligned. All of this for 12 months - no restrictions. 

NO. 3

We know that one of the main perks of yoga training is creating connection - with yourself and others. This is what inspired us to bring our community together in one place and host a collaborative training, where both 200hr and 300hr certification levels are welcome in the same immersive experience.

However, we also know that different levels require specialized focus. In your daily schedule, you can also expect to have opportunities for dedicated study based on your certification level in addition to the collaborative group sessions. This approach will ensure that you receive guidance and support while still creating connection with the community around you.

Join this training if you:

  • have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months

  • want to develop yourself as a practitioner and evolve from creating shapes

  • are ready to explore teaching yoga

  • are looking to become a certified yoga teacher

  • are committed to completing two weeks or more of our 200hr online training before joining us in-person

  • * All levels of practice are welcome.

What You Will Learn

Having covered the foundations of the Aligned Method online, our in-person training will move beyond the theory and deep dive into the following topics over 10 full training days

  • Daily Asana Practice

  • Inversion and Arm Balance Clinic

  • Kirtan & Mantra

  • Meditation & Pranayama

  • Pose Alignment Study

  • Sequencing

  • Hands-on Adjustments

  • Practice Teaching

  • Branding & Social Media for Yoga Teachers

  • Business Skills for Yogipreneurs



In order to attend our in-person training, all students must fulfill the following requirement:

- Have completed two weeks or more of our 200hr online training, which is included in your tuition.


We will host a culmination on our final day together, where you will receive a hard-copy of your Aligned Yoga 200hr certification. You may apply this towards additional Yoga Alliance certification, if you so desire.

your teachers

Briohny Smyth



Dice Iida-Klein



Jessica Lee



Doris Au-Yeung




Amatara, Phuket, Thailand
July 14th-25th, 2024

We are pleased to partner with Amatara Welleisure™️ Resort in Phuket, Thailand. Located at the majestic Cape Panwa, Amatara offers Asia’s best coastal view in Phuket. Surround yourself with the calming tranquility of Andaman’s blue seas and endless skies.

Each of Amatara’s rooms & villas feature beautiful sea views and timeless design. You are welcome to choose between private and shared accommodation to suit your budget needs. Please note that a shared accommodation room sleeps up to two people in Hollywood style - we’ll match you with a roommate. All rooms have private bathrooms.

Looking to bring your family along? Yes please! Amatara offers a kid-friendly environment and the support you need to combine your training with a family holiday. From resort facilities to day-care and nanny services, there are plenty of options to choose from. Rates will vary depending on your family size and requirements. Please reach out to us so we can advise you.


Once you enroll, you will get all of the following perks...

  • 1 Secured Spot in the 2024 In-Person Training

    Train in person with Bri and Team Aligned for 10 full days. Stay at beautiful Amatara Welleisure™️ Resort in Phuket for 12 days (11 nights).

  • 1 Year of Unlimited & Flexible Access to Our Online 200hr

    Access for one full year to our online 200hr training. Revisit your training anytime for 12 months with no restrictions. Fulfill your in-person training pre-requisite.

  • 1 Year of Feedback & Support

    Through our online training, receive 12 months of continued and unlimited access to feedback and support. We are there for you - every step of the way.

  • Free Year of Yoga

    Receive a free one-year subscription to Alo Moves (worth $200) - an exclusive perk only offered by Aligned.

  • 1 Year of Private Community Access

    Connect with yogis from all around the world who share your passion and path via our private groups.

  • Lifetime Access to Our Alumni Community

    Meet your Aligned Yoga family. Network with trainees and alumni from our school, get to know them and build relationships across the globe.

last spots!


Enroll Now

In one tuition*, you will:

Train in-person

Access our online 200hr training for one year

Get certified as a yoga teacher

Pricing includes tuition, accommodation and 3 meals/day*; flights are not included.

*Tuition-only pricing options do not include accommodation or meals.

Please note that tuition must be paid fully by June 30th, 2024. Reserve your spot today with a deposit. Upon payment, we'll reach out to help you choose the payment plan best suited to your needs.

Looking for a discount?
When you enroll with a friend, you will both be eligible to receive an additional $250 discount off your tuition. Send us your enrollment confirmation and we will gladly apply this discount to both your balances.



last spots
TUITION ONLY - one payment


attend training with this tuition-only option

accommodation + meals not included
last spots


last spots


attend training with this tuition-only option

accommodation + meals not included


last spots

Not sure if our In-Person is for you?

We are here for you. Lean on us anytime! 

Let’s chat through everything you need to feel confident about this in-person training.


What does my tuition for the 200hr in-person training include?

Your tuition for the 200hr in-person training includes:

- a secured spot for the July 2024 immersive experience in Thailand (10 full training days or 100 hours)

- accommodation for 11 nights and 3 meals per day at Amatara Welleisure™️ Resort

- one-year access to our online 200-hr

- one year of online feedback and support through our platform and live sessions

- a free one-year subscription to Alo Moves (worth $200)

- lifetime access to our alumni community group

- one-year access to our 200-hr trainee group

- Aligned Yoga teacher certification, which you can apply towards additional Yoga Alliance certification

We know, that's quite a list! That’s why we believe our training is the most complete in-person experience available.

When does my access to the 200hr online training and other perks begin?

Immediately! Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with your login credentials to get started with your online training. Your one-year access to the online training and perks begins on your date of purchase.

How do I fulfill the prerequisite to attend the 200hr in-person training? What happens if I don’t meet this prerequisite?

In order to attend our 200hr in-person, you must have completed 2 weeks or more of our 200hr online training, which is included in your tuition. Please note that one month before our in-person begins, we will be checking your online progress to confirm you fulfill this requirement.

This requirement will help you make the most of our time together in person and help you prepare for the demands of a practical training. We put a lot of thought into creating our online training and it’s especially designed to help you fulfill this requirement - on your own terms & schedule.

If you don’t fulfill this requirement in time, you will still be able to come to the in-person training. However, you will not be able to graduate with your fellow trainees or participate in the graduation ceremony at the end of the in-person training. You will be able to get your certification after you have completed the online training in its entirety.

Will I be a certified yoga teacher if I enroll in this 200hr training? What will be the certification I receive? Will I have to pay additional fees to get certified?

Yes! Aligned Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance. Once you complete all the training requirements, you will be eligible to receive yoga teacher certification from our school. This certification is included in your tuition.

You will be able to apply for additional certification with Yoga Alliance. If you value additional certification with Yoga Alliance, you will be able to apply your Aligned certification towards dual certification with Yoga Alliance until December 31st, 2023.

Please note that Yoga Alliance is a private entity that qualified teachers may pay to register with. Registration with Yoga Alliance is not a requirement for obtaining teacher’s insurance or legal protection.

How will the collaborative all-level environment work? Will all trainees learn together and have the same lectures?

Our in-person training is open to both 200-hr and 300-hr levels, where everyone has something to teach and learn. In your daily schedule, expect to have opportunities for 2 types of sessions:

- Group sessions where practitioners and teachers learn together

- Dedicated study sessions based on your certification level

This approach will ensure that you receive guidance, support and feedback based on your level while still creating connection with the community around you. Please check the curriculum attachment for more information on which topics will be taught separately and as a group.

Will the 200hr in-person training cover the theory of yoga or will it be practical?

Our in-person training is 100% practical. We will be focusing on helping you develop your practice and teaching skills, so you can expect our time in person to be an application of what you learned online. This is why we require that you study the online curriculum before coming to the in-person training.

If I complete the 200-hr online training before the in-person, do I have to apply for certification before or after the in-person training?

This is up to you! When you complete your in-person training requirements, you will receive a hard-copy of your Aligned Yoga certification. It’s not necessary that you apply for online certification before coming to the in-person.

Are there any other expenses I should be aware of?

Yes! You should take into account the following expenses: flights, visa application & processing fees, food outside of Amatara Welleisure™️ Resort, travel insurance, passport services, tourism activities in Thailand and additional accommodation nights. Please note that as with any trip, this list varies depending on your personal preferences and budget.

In addition, if you plan to bring your family or friends along, please note that accommodation rates may vary depending on your requirements. Your tuition includes accommodation, meals, and training for you individually.

How should I plan my trip to Thailand? What should I bring to the in-person training?

No worries, we got you covered! When you enroll in our in-person training, we will send you a list of things to take into consideration for your trip to Thailand including packing lists, travel recommendations as well as dedicated customer service to help you plan along the way.

Will I need a visa to travel to Thailand? Will you assist in the visa application process?

Visa is required upon entry to Thailand, depending on your country of origin some are granted a visa upon arrival. Upon enrollment, we highly encourage you to check your visa requirements here. It’s important that you understand the type of visa, application process and waiting times with enough time ahead before the in-person takes place. To assist you in the visa application process, we are happy to offer you an invitation letter to certify your attendance to the in-person training. 

If I choose ‘Shared Accommodation’, will I be able to choose my roommate?

Yes! Before the in-person, we will host a meet & greet with your fellow trainees where you will be encouraged to make connections. This will also be a great opportunity for you to choose your roommate based on your preferences and needs. Alternatively, if you are coming to the in-person training with a friend, you are welcome to room together; just send us an email to trainings@alignedyoga.com to accommodate your preferences.

Can I attend the in-person training with family or friends? Are there any additional fees involved?

Yes! We recommend you come to the in-person training on your own terms. If that means bringing your inner circle along, we’re all for it. 

If they choose to enroll in the training, you will both be eligible to receive an additional $250 discount on your tuition upon their confirmation. Please send us both your enrollment confirmations to trainings@alignedyoga.com and we will gladly apply this discount to both your balances. 

If you are attending with family members who will not be attending the training, they will be welcome to use the accommodation facilities and join you in your training breaks and day practices; workshops are reserved exclusively for trainees. Before booking your enrollment, please reach out to trainings@alignedyoga.com so that we can best advise you on how to plan your trip. Please note that additional accommodation charges could apply, based on your party size. 

What is your refund policy?

If you are unable to attend our 2024 event, please email us at trainings@alignedyoga.com to assess your situation and guide you towards a solution. You will be eligible to either transfer your enrollment to future events or, in certain cases, get a partial or full refund.

Will a refund be available if there are specific circumstances that prevent travel?

We understand that after the pandemic, travel is subject to worldwide regulations depending on current circumstances. Although we do not anticipate any further COVID restrictions, we are sensitive to the possibility of them happening after our past experiences. We will be constantly monitoring regulations and sending updates to you. In case our in-person training were to be canceled for COVID regulations, we will issue a refund to our trainees.

Can I request an invoice for tax purposes?

Yes! Please email us at trainings@alignedyoga.com to help you with your invoice needs. We’re happy to help. We encourage you to check with your local tax advisor to learn whether professional yoga training may be deducted as a business expense in your jurisdiction. This may aid in a considerably lower overall total.

What happens after I pay my deposit? Are there any payment plans available to pay the rest of my tuition?

Once you’ve paid your deposit, you’ll immediately receive an email to help you define the best payment plan suited to your needs. We have two options available for you: a one-time payment, and monthly installments. Please note that whichever option you choose, your tuition must be paid in full by June 30th, 2024. If you’re interested in breaking up your tuition into monthly installments, the sooner you enroll, the better! Reserving your spot earlier means you will have a longer payment plan with more affordable installments per month. Enrolling closer to the deadline means you’ll have more costly installments and fewer time to complete your tuition payment.