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We’ve designed the foundational 200-hr certification for the curious student and aspiring teacher. Gain the skills to teach and begin your journey. Or join to simply discover yourself through a deeper practice.

*If you are seeking your first training, this is the right option for you. If you have already completed a 200-hr training, please see the 300-hr training.



We’ve designed the 300-hr certification for seasoned instructors and committed students who have previously completed any 200-hr certification. Learn to align passion with strengths, diversify your practice, cultivate the mind, expand opportunity, and accelerate your network. Embody your truth as both a teacher and an entrepreneur.

*To enroll in a 300-hr training, you must have previously completed a 200-hr training. If you are seeking your first training, please see the 200-hr training.




Odinaka A.


"My Aligned Yoga program remains the best decision I made in 2020. The program integrated an all round balance in practice, meditation and teaching. During my training I have realized that every pose should have a stable foundation and integrating dual actions to many of my poses has been a game changer in my practice "

Priscille W.


"My experience with Aligned Yoga has been beyond my expectations. The online programme is excellent and it has been laid out in a way that makes it very easy to learn and digest. It has allowed me to really deepen my practice and also understand the tools required to make the journey into Yoga teaching. "

Alba U.


"Never thought I would learn so much from an online training. The content is so precise, organized and well explained that you almost feel like Bri is teaching you in your own room. Would repeat a thousand times! "

Kathy R.


"Amazing Program! The format and curriculum was on point. Bri and her team are so knowledgeable and she cares about you and your progress in your yoga journey. "

Dima A.


"A beautiful program with amazing instructors and content. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their own personal practice or find their voice as an instructor. "

Michael S.


"The entire team at Aligned Yoga is professional, talented, and clearly compassionate about what they do. I’m more than satisfied with my experience at this school and the knowledge that’s been shared with me to become a competent yoga teacher. My expectations were met above and beyond. I’m extremely grateful and proud to be an Aligned Yoga alumnus! "

Lu C.


"This is a well-designed online yoga teaching program that provides not only professional top-notch yoga teaching but also community support. Bri is a wonderful teacher! She’s so good at communicating with students. Although it is online teaching, she knows exactly how to make the best of the recordings, live sessions, Q&As, and social media to create an immersive experience as much as possible. I can’t wait to participate in future training with Bri and her team. "

Isabel S.


"I absolutely love the Training, Bri is an excellent teacher. There is just something about the way she explains things in a simple and clear manner. It was a pleasure being able to participate and learn from her. The information is well organized and easy to follow. I highly recommend it and am very grateful for the experience! "

Lourdes L.


"I initially took this course to learn the proper alignment just so I could practice safely and also teach my mother during the pandemic. However, not only did I learn proper alignment, but also breathing techniques and meditation guidance that not only helped me physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Now I want to share that with everyone and hope to guide others into a more mindful and conscious lifestyle. "

Natassia G.


"I was initially skeptical about taking an online YTTC, but this training has completely exceeded all my training expectations. The delivery and structure of the programme is fantastic. The training is really designed to give you the tools post training and I feel that Bri and her team have worked so hard on creating insanely comprehensive guides, live sessions, etc. I’m forever grateful for Bri’s ongoing support and for all the wonderful instruction. By far the best training choice that I’ve made :) I’m so grateful to be a part of your alumni, thank you! "

Saba R.


"This course was excellent. The information was delivered with the perfect balance between written and visual stimuli. It was very well structured and organized. Bri and her team were extremely professional and very helpful. I would highly recommend this course. "

Flora L.


"Bri is a very relatable communicator and an empowering teacher. The curriculum was easy to follow and since the material is available for an extended period, it is easy to go back and review as I become stronger. The team is also quite engaged and make themselves available for further discussion and answer questions either on the aligned website or in the facebook groups. "

Sheryl C.


"It's been wonderful to have been part of this training w/ Bri and the rest of the team who put this online training together. I have learned a lot from this program. I'm so happy I chose this program to advance my training. "

Liza C.


"I am skeptical and nervous about doing my 300HR training online, but this training was absolutely perfect in terms of deepening my knowledge on anatomy, cueing, and most importantly, growing my business and creating a sustainable/ profitable career as a yoga teacher. Not only is the Aligned Yoga School an amazing place to hone in your practice as a teacher, but it offers you the confidence to really take your career and business as a yoga teacher to the next level. If you are looking for a yoga school that not only gives you all the tools you need to really understand the anatomy of yoga practice, while also giving you the confidence to create a sustainable career as a yoga teacher this is it! Plus you grow as a student as well! So don't hesitate! "

Laura R.


"It was always a dream to be able to learn from Briohny Smyth. I loved her technique and ease of the practice from the first time I practiced with her online. Aligned covered all the aspects to give me a well rounded advanced education. I loved the philosophy classes from Mathieu (sp). The program keeps growing and getting even more informative than when I began. It brought so much more confidence to my teaching. I’m so glad I took the plunge and did it. "

Josephine L.


"Bri and the team at Yoga Aligned has really transformed me both as a teacher and a student. From the philosophy of yoga, to the precision cueing and anatomy studies of the asanas to the business of yoga in this digital world that we live in, the depth of knowledge that I gained was worth every investment into this training (..) The content was structured in a way that could make self-paced study and training very easy. The team was always helpful and ready to respond, not to mention you get to be a part of an amazing community to learn from and support each other. Grateful for this opportunity to graduate from this school and highly recommend it to everyone. May Aligned Yoga continue to spread love and light. "

Kathy R.


"Amazing teacher and program! The format and curriculum was on point. Bri and her team are so knowledgeable and she cares about you and your progress in your yoga journey. "

Margaret S.


"I loved how thorough the training is. Not only did we learn how to deepen our own practice, but we learned how to share that knowledge to our students. "

Veronica N.


"I am so happy that I decided to take this training! It was interactive, with live sessions and the team is very responsive and helpful. It was so nice to be able to learn from Bri! "

Breadth & Depth

Aligned Yoga certification brings modern application and entrepreneurship to the ancient practices of asana, history, meditation, and pranayama.

Streamlined Learning

Discover the best content from over ten years of training expertise, condensed into one streamlined curriculum.

Global Community

Connect with a global community of yogis to learn, grow, and create new opportunities.

Continued Access

Our programs are designed to guide you in your journey at your own pace, on your own time, from anywhere in the world.

Graduates who complete all training requirements will receive Aligned Yoga certification.

*Yoga Alliance is accepting online training programs due to covid-19 until December 31, 2023. Complete all training requirements within your one-year access for dual certification from both Aligned Yoga and Yoga Alliance.



We recognize that choosing a program can be overwhelming – you do not need to make the decision alone! Please reach out to us if you need guidance on the best option for you, have any questions, or are unsure where to start. We are here to help you in any way we can!