To provide you with the flexibility to train at your own pace while maintaining the highest quality of experience, my curriculum combines several mediums across written materials, video lectures, live sessions, and a one-year subscription to Alo Moves.


Accountability towards certification includes live Q&As, a personal practice log, and quick understanding checks at the end of each day to help you cement what you have learned. To showcase your achievements, each module culminates in its own final practicum.






Aligned Asana Manual

The Aligned Asana Manual teaches my Dual Actions methodology and Aligned Asana cues, modifications, and misalignments to provide you with an in-depth study across a wide spectrum of yoga poses.


Practice with Alo Moves

Dedicating time to a consistent practice is an integral part of your training. To make this experience flexible for you, I am excited to partner with Alo Moves to bring you complimentary access to their full suite of content. Discover sequences that will advance your practice from foundations towards arm balances and inversions, build your strength and flexibility, and aid in relaxation and de-stressing. Your subscription will remain valid for one year from initial activation, regardless of when you complete your certification.


Information overload has been the biggest challenge with in-person training. With so much to learn and never enough time, I am excited to bring you pre-recorded content that I have optimized for clarity. In an online setting, you have full control over pacing. Revisit and review over a full year from initial activation, regardless of when you complete your certification. Align the content to your own journey.


Live Lectures and Q&A

Connect with me directly to get inspired and deepen your understanding of yoga as a practice. Learn how I have made yoga an integral tool in my life for over two decades. Through live lectures and Q&As, I look forward to expanding your knowledge and answering the most relevant questions facing yogis today.

Live Lectures and Q&A are scheduled monthly. If you are unable to attend live events, they will be recorded and made available to you.


Community Group

Discover a new community of fellow yogis and connect deeply with one another, regardless of where we are in the world. You will be added to an interactive group with me and your fellow trainees. Use this community to ask questions, connect over job opportunities, and cultivate lifelong friendships.


The “homework” in this course is only used to expand your knowledge and create accountability for your personal growth. Expect multiple invitations to journal personal observations pertaining to your mind-body practice. Film yourself to gain greater insight into your physical habits. Learn and work on honing your alignment.

Final Practicum

Each module culminates in a final practicum. Don’t worry—this is not a test! It is simply a fun and engaging way to showcase everything you’ve learned. It is also a way to rejoice in your achievements as you complete each module and grow ever more aligned with your practice.



Through my clinics, expect to get fully involved in the learning process and to grow your practice by applying exercises, tips, and tricks that I've developed over the years. Ranging from topics like “Introduction to Handstands” and “Safe and Effective Adjustments”, these practice-based recordings are an informative, interactive, and fun way to hone specific skills.


Enjoy an extensive suite of video tutorial lectures, each a deep dive into one key topic. From topics like “Virabhadrasana II” to “Wrist Warm Ups,” these recordings are short and sweet, but create both breadth and depth in your practice.

Live Practices

These exclusive, live classes with myself and select guest teachers will heighten your mind-body connection and uplift your spirits. Discover a direct personal connection with both myself and other trainees. Open to all levels, be inspired by insightful alignment cues and feel challenged through fun yet accessible sequences.

Live Practices are scheduled once a month, run 1-2 hours. Each module registration includes access to each session.


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